Accidental Damage: Fire and Water Disaster Recovery

In our experience of disaster recovery, we see a lot of fire and water damaged works of art, that require expert handling. We endeavour to come out to the site as soon as practically possible and asses the damage as timing is critical when it comes to fire, water or structural damage. We photograph and catalogue the works, before wrapping them and taking them back to the studio, where we will produce a detailed conservation report and a quotation. Our team will respond immediately to reduce claim cost and reduce the stress of the situation. As part of our nationwide service, our team (always 2 technicians) can collect your artwork from anywhere in the UK and transport it to our workshop or storage facility. We have experience in handling large artwork, frames and furniture. We can also offer a crating service for safe transport for overseas and international shipping if necessary. Our technicians and items in transit are covered by Goods in Transit insurance, also your items are covered whilst in our care and in our storage facility . We quite often find it necessary to store artwork for a period of time, even after restoration, whilst the client’s property is being refurbished and before delivery can proceed. Fire damaged paintings typically suffer from being covered in soot, and worse still sustain damage to the paint layer in the form of blistering and cracking as well as tears and flaking. Water damaged paintings are susceptible to mould growth and canvas shrinkage. Water contact directly onto an oil painting will lead to blanching and the total loss of media. We have a thorough knowledge of handling damaged artworks, using the most advanced conservation methods to restore them to their former glory. We offer a clear timeline for restoration, updates and encourage clients to come and visit our workshop to discuss necessary works. This in turn reassures the client and makes the whole process less stressful. I think it is important to stress, after a disaster, we will attend immediately and collect all the artwork for assessment if required, whether it be family photographs or an immensely valuable oil painting. Many restorers will only collect what they deem important and worth their while to restore. We recognise the emotional value of all forms of artwork and will seek to conserve, protect and safeguard any item however valuable.