Art Rental

As a result of once having operated a chain of art galleries, we have amassed over the years an impressive collection of some 2000 paintings of mainly British art. Rather than have this collection languishing in storage, it was decided to start an art rental service way back in the mid eighties, and it has gone from strength to strength, not just in corporate settings but also to private individuals, who simply want to trial different pieces in their homes before buying. For as little as £2 week, you can rent a prestigious painting from us, to liven up a sanitised office wall or reception area…or more simply to wow your new kitchen extension. Our paintings range from large original oil impressionist pieces, right through to contemporary limited edition lithographs.

Abstract Originals and Lithographs
-Mary Fedden
-Julian Trevelyan
-John Piper
-Victor Pasmore
-Damian Hirst
-Patrick Heron
-Patrick Caulfield
-Albert Irvin
-Anthony Frost
-Neil Canning
-Donald Hamilton Fraser
-David Humphreys

Impressionist Artists
-Roy Petley
-John Bond
-Edward Vinters
-Jeremy King

Water Colour Artists
-John Yardley
-Janet Duncan