Oil Painting Restoration

When an oil painting has suffered accidental damage and requires restoration, there are many conservation methods available to stabilise and repair the painting. The old varnish layers age and turn yellow leading to discolouration of the media. The old varnish can be safely removed and replaced with conservation grade non yellowing varnish. We then decide if the painting requires a light or a more intensive clean using either a light solvent or simply a light ammonia based solution to remove any surface dirt and contaminants. We also thoroughly clean the stretchers and reverse of the painting, being carefully to retain all labels of provenance. We also asses any tears or punctures to the canvas.The most common process for repairing tears are re-lining or reversible repairs, where the tear is carefully drawn back together using stitching. These treatments appear fully invisible when completed. Re-lining is the process by which a new canvas is attached to the back of an existing one using a wax resin. Quite often, over time, an existing canvas has become loose and the paint has deteriorated or perhaps has sustained a tear. The object of re lining is to strengthen and support the canvas, before re stretching it.